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Wheel Claims – Contact today, replaced within 24 hours…that’s our motto and policy holders love it.  Wheel theft claims have become notorious for being overly expensive, problematic and just downright inconvenient; both for the insured and the claims processor.  Not anymore. The moment you contact us is the moment we begin the race for time…in any Texas city. We’ll travel to the insured’s house and replace their wheels, tires, re-program their TPMS sensors and supply them with specialty, theft deterring locking lug nuts.  It saves thousands and perhaps millions over time.

No tow bills, zero damage from towing without wheels, no rental car expenses, no waiting, no inconvenience.

It simple.

Visit this page below and submit your claim now.


Partial Thefts – Stereo Theft: Contact us today and we’ll be in contact with your insured within minutes. We’ll handle the entire process from start to finish. Uncertain about the equipment being claimed?  Have us perform a thorough vehicle inspection to verify exactly what equipment was stolen.  Once verified, we’ll travel to the insured’s location and repair and install all equipment.  Our lifetime guarantee offers the peace of mind for all insurers that they’ll never have to visit another store again in the event of malfunction…our warranty covers it.

Our goal is to make the theft claim process for you and the insured as painless as possible. That’s why we go the extra mile. No waiting, no traveling to electronic stores and no waiting for products to be shipped to them via mail.

Theft Recovery – For vehicles stolen, recovered and currently at a storage lot in Houston, call us today and we’ll have the vehicle released that same day.

Our Goal: To save insurance companies and insureds the headaches of storage costs, teardown fees, transfer fees and steering fees and the exorbitant amount of charges associated with storage facilities in Houston.


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