Field Estimators

theft truck

To assist you in writing your estimates, we at TRS are constantly updating and providing pricelists to help guide you in the field.  These include pricing for:

Click here to view our current pricelist.

To submit your claim or work order, please visit our submit a claim page and provide any 

pictures you may have. 

Example: You have a front headlamp connector on a Nissan Altima that needs to be repaired.

If you can, simply snap a picture and upload that image to us through our submit-a-claim page.  That way it saves a trip for our mobile technician to conduct a preliminary inspection.  All we have to do, based off the image is locate and install the new connector.

For any claim in general, visit our submit-a-claim page and just simply fill in the drop boxes and we’ll coordinate a time with either the insured or the body shop the vehicle is at.

For example if you need a pigtail or connector, simply attach that image and we’ll coordinate installation and/or shipment with the body shop.