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TRS covers the entire State of Texas when it comes to your wheel claims.

Contact today, replaced tomorrow.  That’s our motto…and policy holders love it.

Whether it’s a claim in Houston or Dallas or a claim in El Paso or Laredo, we proudly service the entire State of Texas.

No towing, no rental car costs, no waiting.

There’s no need for accumulating more costs and damage. We travel to the insured and simply replace the same wheels and tires that were stolen at their house.  It’s a painless, seamless process and we’ll have your insured back in their vehicle like it never even happened.

Take Luke’s story for example:

He had a family vacation planned starting Friday, his wheels were stolen Thursday.  Usually circumstances like this would cancel Luke’s vacation.

Not this time. His wheels were replaced on Friday and he drove off to paradise.

That’s our goal: To turn problems into success stories…every time.

How do thieves steal wheels?  Watch here:

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