It has been a few months since our last exchange-I had my Dodge Ram stolen, and your shop repaired it for me. I have been so busy this summer that I never really got a chance to thank you for the work that TRS did. The amount of service you provided far exceeded anything that I could have expected. Although I would never wish to revisit a similar scenario, at least I will know I am in good hands if something unfortunate like that were to happen again. Again, thank you (and the shop) for a job well done.

Derek H.

Hi, I want to take the time and thank you sooooooo 🙂 much for giving me the best customer satisfaction on fixing my truck. I’m so happy and I’m in love with the work yall have done, I really appreciate it!!!!!

Nicole C.

Just to say thank you again to you and your staff. I could not have asked for a better outcome to a bad situation. I love my Jeep!

Marna L.

The tech just finished my shifter job…He did great work..Very fast…Very professional..he deserves a lot of recognition..Its been a long and stressful month for me and my family…but you were right..Everything is back to normal now…Thank u for helping me every step of the way…Thank u so much form the Valdez family…God bless all of u

L. Valdez

My wheels were stolen overnight in my neighborhood. I called my insurance company right away and they said they would have someone take care of it that day. I didn’t believe that, but it happened. I got a phone call from TRS and they said they would come to my house and replace my wheels on the spot. Very fast, very ease and very friendly.

Dean (Chevy Silverado)

Thanks, you guys are awesome. You’re making this process very smooth for me. Stellar customer service!! 🙂

Eldrick B.

When our Chrysler 300 was recovered after being stolen, we had no clue what to do. After failed success at a repair facility, our insurance company recommended TRS. They were fantastic! They handled our repairs from start to finish. They replaced our wheels and rekeyed all of our locks. During the process, they really treated us like family. I would be on the phone with them almost everyday for 30 minutes or more and they took the time to answer every question. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family.

Sandra (Chrysler 300)